3 Steps How to Succeed in a Modern Mobile Project

Jun 18, 2018 | Banking, Blog, Finance

There’s a difference between a good and a great project. In a good project things go as planned and the result is pretty much what could be expected. However, in a great project you have a solid concept from the beginning and the final product meets or even better, succeeds customer’s needs. The following three steps are useful for anyone engaging in a modern mobile project.

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Step 1: Create a solid concept together

The starting point for any solution is an idea, which is then refined into a concept. This is a key element, since during the project there might be times when decisions need to be made in how to proceed. Should we do A or do B? A solid concept helps to keep focus and guide the decisions in the right direction. The concept is iterated from idea level descriptions towards user interface with the relevant interactions planned at this stage as well. The more detail there is in the concept, the more detailed feedback the customer can give.

When we were creating Kotibongari mobile app for Hypo we wanted to set a concept together with the customer. Our UX team validated the idea and mapped out its potential and eventually conceptualized it with the customer to create a clear vision about the customer needs and to make sure the end result meets those needs.

Step 2: Engage the customer from the beginning

As with conceptualizing, it’s good to have the customer in the process from the very beginning: as the project moves forward the customer is able evaluate solutions with full functionality. It’s always quite different to see results in action than in conceptualized images, which makes it important to evaluate the solutions in relation to the initial concept.  Early testing is better for everyone involved to detect and fix any bugs as soon as possible so they won’t come back to haunt the project during it’s final stretch. This requires that the customer is engaged in the project so they can see and take part in iterating the final product.


Step 3: Uphold open and regular communication

Good ideas are like snowballs: they tend to grow and gain an inertia of their own. Regular and open communication makes it possible to evaluate new ideas and consider if they are possible to implement in the given timeframe and budget. This is also where Profit Software’s UX team’s expertise and business know-how take place: if the customer later feels there’ something amiss, it’s our specialty to figure out the exact need and solution.

To sum up, what makes a successful modern mobile project is that from the very beginning there is a joint effort with the customer to design a solid concept, to engage the customer and uphold open and regular communication.


Pyry Nikunen

Lead Mobile Developer


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