Business Intelligence

Company management was already based on monthly reports decades ago. We have helped many leading companies to make the leap into the present, where the information necessary for decision-making is available at any time and throughout the entire organisation. Why should your company be left behind?

Our services

  • BI roadmap design for companies
  • Information management models and requirements
  • IOT operating models and requirements
  • BI & DW architectural solutions and management models
  • Cloud service design
  • Current state analyses and technology assessments
Data warehouses and data quality
  • Integrations to back-end systems
  • Data mining and refining
  • Master Data Management
  • Data warehouse solutions and reporting data models
  • Cloud-based data warehouse solutions
Big data and IoT solutions
  • Data acquisition solutions for devices and sensors
  • Storing and analysing device and sensor data, as well as trend monitoring
  • Forecast models and reporting based on data
  • Predictive maintenance solutions
  • Integrations with the company’s other systems, Big Data, social media
Reporting and self-service analytics
  • Business intelligence desktops for organisations
  • Cloud-based reporting solutions
  • Industry-specific reporting and IoT solutions
  • Portal and extranet solutions
  • Reporting in support of budgeting and forecasting
Advanced analytics
  • Forecasting models and reporting based on data
  • Smart business intelligence for organisations
  • Algorithm models and predictive reporting
  • Cloud-based analytics solutions as a service
Continuous services
  • Reliable maintenance services for project deliveries
  • Experts always available
  • If necessary, 24/7 on-call service


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