Domain areas

Profit Software offers BI solutions and expertise to financial, real estate, energy & utilities and healthcare sectors. 

Financial sector​

Profit Software’s analytics and reporting solutions are developed in close co-operation with our finance sector customers. Combined with our in-depth domain expertise and customer-specific business knowledge, the solutions create value for some of the biggest finance sector companies in the Nordics.   

 Data is the world’s most valuable resource and our integration capabilities dig value from the hidden archives of core systems to the frontlines of the business. Profit Software’s Customer Data Hub provides a full 360-degree view to all customer-related data for data scientists and analysts to explore and provide support for better business decision-making.  

 In addition to the Customer Data Hub, our solution portfolio for finance sector companies contains tools for investment management, accounting and finance, internal and external reporting and self-service analytics. 

Real Estate​ 

Profit Software’s Real Estate Analytics platform is a comprehensive reporting and analytics solution for all companies operating in the real estate business. Our solution provides an existing set of essential KPIs to monitor a company’s performance at all organization levels from senior management to the operational level as well as technical integration solutions for all the major software packages used in real estate companies. A state-of-the-art, memory-based technical solution for maximum performance and built-in support for mobile use guarantees a superior user experience. 

Combined with a proven, agile deployment model, our Real Estate Analytics solution is easy to implement and secures a fast return on investment. 


Energy and Utilities​ 

The energy & utilities sector is one of our core expertise areas. Big Data and large data volumes create the core of the Profit Software’s Energy & Utilities solutions package, which helps our customers to run their business in an optimal manner. Integrated to the key ERP systems in the market, our approach provides tools for any company looking for better business and knowledge management.

Comprehensive dashboards and reporting are the key tools for business management to be able to make effective business decisions. Timely visibility to important KPIs and the capability to drill down to visible anomalities provide tools for effective operational management. As an example of the types of solutions we offer, Profit Software’s cloud-based IoT capabilities in measuring environmental conditions or water flow in pipes to locate possible leaks, provide valuable additional information for preventive maintenance. This in turn equates to clear savings and return on investment for our customers.

Access to external data from the power market or weather services and the ability to add any other relevant data to our analytics solutions creates a truly efficient platform for data analysts to explore data and support correct pricing decisions or undertake customer churn prevention measures.


The healthcare sector is one of our largest customer segments in the Nordics. We serve major healthcare providers, both municipal and private, with data analytics services and solutions. The healthcare sector deals in vast quantities of highly confidential and fragmented data. Multiple legacy systems and data service providers make the navigation and understanding of this data rather complex. Profit Software has a deep understanding of the various value chains within the healthcare sector and a thorough knowledge of the legislative requirements needed in dealing with sensitive data.

Furthermore, from our vast experience, we understand the data needs of various key users within the healthcare sector. Coupled with our data warehouse and architecture expertise, system integration knowledge and self-service reporting capabilities, Profit Software is able to add value to data-centric work and knowledge-based management.

Whether aiding healthcare management in key financial reporting, or helping improve billing or customer experience, our healthcare data and analytics solutions provide true added value to our end-customers. 

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