Towards a better customer experience

Customer Data Hub is Profit Software’s customizable solution to a comprehensive customer 360-view. The solution combines all customer related data in one hub that composes the information as well as enables a complete view of customer relationship development. With Customer Data Hub you can provide an individualized customer experience that is timely and proactive.

Targeted actions at the right time

Customer Data Hub enables a holistic understanding of your customers’ services and/or products. Automated actions can be used whenever they are required. With targeted marketing and sales activities, you are able to create a relationship that will ultimately lead to higher customer loyalty – and yield profit. 

Tailored solutions according to the needs

The solution is based on a framework and reference architecture with a comprehensive set of use cases that we have recognized or implemented in earlier projects. Examples of use cases are customer’s segmentation information, service and product history or next best actions.

Customer Data Hub is tailored according to the customer specific needs. The solution can be integrated to a company’s own CRM and other key applications, and it is suitable for companies across all industries.

let us show how it works

Needs are typically different for every company, which is why our offering is flexible, both functionally and technologically.

How to get started:

  • Choose the use cases to implement
  • Identify and collect the required data
  • Re-evaluate, learn and develop

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