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Maintain your data with ease by using Form Fairy’s configurable web forms.

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When you want to maintain your data without writing a single line of code, Form Fairy is your solution of choice. It enables the use of web-based maintenance forms connected directly to where the data resides, in the database. This means no more Excel sheets to maintain.

Active development to serve our customers

Form Fairy core functionality is constantly enhanced based on our customer requirements. We are also open to tailoring our product to better suit your specific use cases. You are welcome to contact our sales people for further discussions.


  • Configurable web forms for easy data management
  • Data is maintained directly in the database – no external loading or integrations needed
  • User friendly portal for accessing the forms
  • Many out-of-the-box form types to suit your specific data maintenance case; flat tables, hierarchical data, linking different entities etc.
  • Sorting and searching by any column, table lookups and custom drop-down slicers are just the beginning of a list of standard features that will be your aid to provide an easy-to-use data maintenance experience
  • Only maintain the data you are supposed to maintain by using form-based access rights
  • Full audit trail of changes made to the data with Form Fairy
  • Custom processing actions directly in the browser, along with post-save modification processing
  • No need for technical expertise: creating and maintaining forms is simple and user friendly


  • All data is maintained in the database where it is already located, saves time and reduces complexity
  • Form Fairy enables more people to participate in the data maintenance and enrichment tasks
  • Data can be directly utilized in reporting and analytics
  • High end solution with affordable pricing

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