Warehouse Warlock

Data warehouse accelerator to automate and optimize your data management workflow.

Modern data warehousing

Requirements for a modern data warehouse are strict. It must be fast to implement and flexible enough to support new and changing business requirements.

Profit Software’s Warehouse Warlock generates database structures and data loading packages based on metadata to enable rapid development and easy maintenance of the data warehouse solution.

Whether you are creating a new data warehouse or maintaining an existing one, Warehouse Warlock can be used to automate this work. From initial data loads to Data Mart creation or quick data extraction for data scientists, Warehouse Warlock is the solution.

Supporting the businesses of today

Manual data warehouse development is no longer a viable option, as they are not fast enough to support businesses. Automated, metadata-based solutions are crucial to adapt to the fast-changing business needs. Warehouse Warlock has been developed to support today’s business requirements.

When manual work is replaced by automation, it is not only speed that is gained – quality and robustness are increased, and human errors are minimized.

Warehouse Warlock features include:

  • Full logging, business key validation and error handling
  • Data modifications and transformations done directly in the user interface
  • Support for different data loading methods: new and updated, truncate-insert, time-based and time column based
  • Conditional and custom load chains
  • Support for Data Vault 2.0 generation and Star Schemas


  • Maintenance work is more efficient as changes are generated on a metalevel
  • Human errors are reduced as the solution eliminates manual tasks
  • Enhanced accuracy for work load estimations through standardized workflows

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