Communication, learning and how to become the best company in what we do

Jan 9, 2018 | Blog

My colleague Joonas recently asked me, “what are you actually doing at work nowadays?”. The question surprised me, since I have been working closely with him for such a long time, that I thought he knows exactly what I do daily. In my point of view, my calendar after the acquisition looks like the same, I have the same daily routines and goals that I used to have. This made me realize – or reminded me – that even though the actual work has not changed during our integration process, the interactions between people do have quite a lot. New interactions have started and some interactions have become less frequent because of the role changes.

One of my favorite business books, Peter Senge’s Fifth Discipline says, “the only sustainable competitive advantage is an organization’s ability to learn faster than the competition”. I agree and I also think that the key to succeed is sharing ideas and communicating across the company, with clients and partner companies. It is great we have the best experts in our domain and continuously recruit more experience, but most important is to be the fastest learners in business. I think I have learned more in the last six months than in the previous four years as Evolvit’s CEO. This gives me a feeling that we are going towards the right direction. Some ideas to make that learning process even faster are below, I hope you’ll find at least one thing suitable for you.

Find a new friend inside the company
Recently I had the luxury to work with our product sales guy Trond in several cases. As well as being a great person, he had huge amount of information of life insurance market which I lacked. Even small coffee table discussions can give inspiration and tips and new points of view. Your new best colleague does not have to be from another business unit, I bet there are lots of people close-by that are doing things that are unknown to you.

Share what you know
We all learn everyday things that could be really interesting to other people. Sharing these experiences does not come automatically when we grow bigger as a company. I advise getting active in the company’s communication channels. Find out the online groups where you can discuss things you do and if you cannot find the right one, create it yourself. By the end of each day, I try to think for 5 minutes that was there something I did, heard or learned, that I should share with my colleague.

Participate in creating new things
There are always some interesting development activities going on 24/7 in every company, just waiting for extra helping hand. If you have interest in a particular area, want to be generally available to help getting things forward or just have one interesting idea, activate yourself!

Perttu Heinonen, SVP Consulting Insurance & Wealth, Profit Software

Perttu is responsible for Profit Software’s Consulting unit for Insurance & Wealth. He joined the company in June 2017 when Profit Software bought Finnish Evolvit. Perttu has 13 years of experience in the finance IT sector. He held CEO position at Evolvit.


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