Congratulations to Sweden celebrating Tjänstepension, occupational pension, on sept 27th!

Sep 27, 2021 | News, Software Products

In honour of the day, Profit Software publishes a whitepaper A digital solution for Swedish occupational pension. The whitepaper gives an insight to Tjänstepension and how a modern policy administration solution enables a fully digital customer journey. When the customer demand for digital services is constantly increasing, many insurers are faced with the challenge of how to solve this effectively. Usually, the challenge isn’t the digitization itself. It’s a question of the underlying IT-architecture, which might be difficult to connect with modern interfaces. 

In the whitepaper we dive into the structure of Tjänstepension and its complex demands. We continue by illustrating how Profit Life & Pension supports the digital agenda, increases business efficiency through automation and helps to stay updated with regulatory demands. Also, for more complex insurance products. 

Download A digital solution for Swedish occupational pension 


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