“I ended up studying electronical engineering since there wasn’t any suitable options to study computer science. I finished my studies and decided to continue with software design since that had been my goal since high school. While studying I didn’t have a proper understanding of this field but working at the industry opened my eyes for all possibilities.

I have been at Profit Software a year and two months. I’m working as a Developer. My job includes software design: fixing code, making a new one, testing it etc. This work is multidimensional and there’s lot of different nuances. Basically I see that I have to make sure that the code I make works.

One important issue is reviewing code together with the project team. I don’t take unfinished issues there but try to do the best possible result before that.

I can’t say that at this point I would have routines. Working here pushes me to constant learning. This work renews on daily and weekly basis. For me life insurance business is a new thing so that challenges me as well. I start my days with checking my e-mails and create a plan for the coming day. I see planning important for myself but also for the project I work with.

Developing yourself is a choice. People develop themselves at different paces, sometimes it might be a new project that teaches you things. On the other it’s about the place you work at: does your employer courage you to learn more. One issue is the place you live in. The smaller city you live in, the smaller job opportunities you have and that further leads to the fact that it’s more challenging to develop yourself.

For all those who are interested in working in the IT sector I recommend to study broadly. This gives you readiness to work with different things. Learn technologies so you will be able to do that in companies you’re going to work at. Besides all technical skills it is important to have project management skills, social skills etc. Software development is done at many different levels.”

Mikko Hietaoja works at Profit Software as a Developer