A thought that became reality – this is what happened when the Krappe family moved to Stockholm in August 2017 to lead Profit Software’s Sweden office. Within a tight schedule, the family was able to find a new home, a school for their children and an actual office space.  

Marko Krappe

Years ago, me and my wife talked about how nice it would be to live in Stockholm. We weren’t thinking about this actively until 2017, after a discussion with our CEO following Evolvit’s and Profit Software’s acquisition. It became clear that there was a need for someone to establish our business in Sweden. Things went forward fast: me and my wife – who also at that point was working for Profit Software – decided that we would move to Stockholm. Everything was realized fast and already in August, just one and a half months after the first discussion, we moved.     

All the practical matters needed to be solved quickly. We were really lucky with our apartment since we liked the first one we went to see. It wasn’t available until in the end of August so we lived in a temporary apartment for the first month. An even more critical issue to solve was the start of school and what schools our kids would attend, or if they would even start school (at that time they were 7 and 9 years old). All the teachers were on summer holiday, so eventually one of our daughters was able to start at Stockholm’s Swedish-Finnish school and our other daughter got into a smaller school. After the first year, both were able to change to a school located near our apartment. This made our mornings so much easier. 

Our whole family was excited about the move. In a change like this, it’s important that the whole family is in the situation together. This is something that I’m really grateful for. We also wanted to provide a nice experience for our kids and thought that this would be a valuable asset for their future. 

The first months were full of action. Besides everything else, we proceeded to settle company matters like finding a proper office space. During the first week, we were able to find an office hotel. During the fall we hired the first employees as well as did a lot of work in order to get new customers. In Sweden, people like to think, plan and negotiate things. This means that it takes more time before matters proceed – but when they do, they proceed efficiently. 

It was clear to us that we would stay in Stockholm for a couple of years. We recognized that one year wouldn’t be enough. In 2018, we hired a country manager and at the same time a couple of employees left. Simultaneously, I transferred to a customer’s consulting project together with some of my colleagues from Finland. I was living in Sweden and my colleagues were travelling back-and-forth. The projects have succeeded well and now we have a couple of Swedes working at the customers’ premises. 

Our Swedish skills were what we had learned in elementary school, but language proficiency got better with time, which made things easier. Our kids were happy and found friends; through hobbies the whole family found friends and we were able to improve our Swedish skills. In August 2019, we decided to move back to Finland, but we still have an apartment in Stockholm since I travel there on a regular basis. One of the reasons for moving back was that our daughters got into a visual arts school in Finland. At first it was weird to be back and sometimes we miss life in Stockholm. I believe that this experience was a valuable one for all of us.” 

What surprised us
The price level was moderate. Public transport and the metro worked well. 

Taking care of practical things
It was pretty convenient to take care of things one at a time: getting a social security number, opening a bank account, address change, etc. Most things could be handled in English. 

Sweden vs Finland
People like to think, plan and negotiate. It might take a while before things proceed, but when they do, they proceed efficiently. Swedes are kind and the weather – do I need to mention that?! 


It takes some time to find an apartment, we were lucky to find our home. There are also differences depending on whether you buy or rent an apartment.

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