How to succeed in data migrations with Profit’s Migration Tools

Oct 13, 2014 | News

According to a recent study 75 percent of new systems fail to meet expectations, often because flaws in the migration process result in data that is not validated for the intended task.* How can we validate data in order to minimize risks in the actual data conversion process? Profit Software presents Conversion Engine and Conversion Data Pre-validation tool, migration tools that are used when converting data into Profit Life & Pension system.

Starting point in insurance policy conversions is usually complex. In a typical migration project we have data in system X that needs to be converted into the new system in a right form. At the same time we have to pay attention to the complexity of the structure and how we can find equivalence to that in the new system.

There are typically two ways to carry out conversions: do all at once or execute it in phases, iteratively. With iteration we refer to both testing and to the actual conversion. When testing is iterative small issues can be found in time and further problems can be prevented. When the conversion takes place iteratively we have possibility to minimize risks in production. Iteration allows to test the actual conversion process and make sure that tools as well people involved in the process are functioning in a right way.

We at Profit Software have over 20 years of experience of large scale migration projects and based on our knowledge conversion is the most critical part. In order to guarantee successful conversions from a system X into our solution, Profit Life & Pension (PLP), we have developed Conversion Data Pre-validation tool and Conversion Engine.

Conversion Data Pre-validation tool is a stand-alone application that analyses and validates conversion source files. It’s used in the development phase when iterating and testing data. It does not have dependencies to PLP so it can be used independently by the team responsible of exporting the source data. This makes it possible to iterate the data corrections very quickly. The tool enables to find quality problems in source data quality before the conversion phase so it minimizes bugs in production.

Conversion Engine will form the backbone of any actual client conversion project. It is used to import data into PLP by reading conversion source files. The conversion engine will only convert the actual business data (i.e. policies, clients etc.). Any technical data are generated according to the PLP data model requirements. The conversion will also result some batches being scheduled in PLP to be executed on the newly converted data.

The projects will usually have additional requirements of their own for the conversion process on top of the generic requirements. The Conversion Engine and Conversion Data Pre-validation tool has been designed as flexible and extendable as possible. It makes it possible for these project-specific requirements to be implemented as easily and straightforwardly as possible as extensions to the Migration Tools.

Migration Tools minimize risks since

  • Source data is validated and analyzed during the entire project
  • Migration data is converted and tested in batches before the actual conversion takes place
  • Migration project is transparent and project lead can follow progress throughout the project. With transparency we refer to the fact that we get continuous information of data quality.

Profit’s Migration tools enable a productized way to implement conversions with minimum risks. Tools make it possible to start the migration project at the same time with the overall project and to have quality data with small margin errors.

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conversion engine migration pre-validation tool source file


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