“Working at software industry has been pretty clear to me since elementary school. I chose between chemistry and computer science since those options felt most natural to me. Computer science won and I must say that it has been the right choice.


I have been working at Profit Software for five years. I’m a Developer. I think that this role varies based on the projects you’re working in. Currently I work in one customer project’s service desk. In practice this means that I give product support. Sometimes tasks are easy, sometimes it takes several days before I’m able to solve the challenge.

This job gives me an opportunity to learn new things. I also like the variability and diversity. When I come to work I either continue with the task that I have unfinished or start with a new one. In my current project I have to be able to prioritize since some tasks are more urgent than others. Communicating with different parties has an important role as well.

I think that I have good possibilities to develop myself. I compare this field to mobile development, it’s not as hype but more a complex entity. I used to work with mobile issues and have experience of that as well. There’s always something new to learn about life insurance business.

For all those who consider working at software industry I would say that it’s important to study something relevant like computer science, but one key issue is to understand customer’s business environment. To whom we are doing this.”

Marko Männistö works at Profit Software as a Developer