“I became interested in software development already as a child and started to practice my skills. I have always enjoyed creating things and thought that developing software and games might be fun. I had no relatives or other connections with IT background, so I had to rely on my own knowledge and abilities. This was certainly not easy, but as time went by my skills got better. Couple of years before beginning my studies at Tallinn University of Technology I made the final decision that I want to be a developer.

I came to Profit Software in February 2016 and I have been here for over a year now. I’m a software developer. I work mostly with user interface development as well as the development of new functionalities to existing products. The team that I work in is in charge of developing new prototype applications for our company. The aim is to figure out whether these new applications have any market value in them. In my team it is easy to develop your skills. We are constantly using and learning new technologies, trying to see what works and what doesn’t. This is also the most rewarding part of my job: improving my skills, learning how to use new technologies and being able to do the work that I enjoy.

In Tallinn University of Technology my major was informatics. Out of all the options that I had, informatics was the subject that was the most focused on software development. However, for someone considering IT industry as a career I would recommend taking the time to understand what it is that they are really interested in. For me this was a slow process and sometimes even challenging, but in the end I found my own path and that’s all that matters.”

Madis Fuks works at Profit Software as a Developer