Work in Sweden

From the left: Marko and Tommy

The partnership between Profit Software and Länsförsäkringar first started when Länsförsäkringar chose Profit to modernize its outpayment system in 2014*Five years later, we met the Länsförsäkringar team in Stockholm. The team was assembled last December when Länsförsäkringar contacted Profit Software to see if they would have developers available to implement a project. Only a couple of days later, three consultants were already working at LF’s premises. 

Meet Marko Krappe, who joined the team in December 2018, and Tommy Petersson, who started in March. When asked how they have experienced working at Länsförsäkringar, both have positive things to say. 

Everyone is professional and it’s really nice to work with our client; we are respected, and people trust us, says Marko. Tommy adds,  –The team really enjoys working together and the atmosphere is marvellous.

Finnish-Swedish mix-and-match

Since December, the team has grown from three to six, consisting of people from Finland and Sweden. Part of the team travels to Stockholm on a weekly basis from Finland, while Tommy is at the customer’s premises each day. Both Marko and Tommy say that communication and good social skills play an extremely important role, not only because of different languages, but mostly to be able to see the big picture while working with so many different pieces.  

Language isn’t a prerequisite, since our working language is English – meetings and official documents are in English as well, explains Marko. – But I must say that it helps if one understands Swedish – or at least is ready to improve their Swedish skills, he adds. 

Patience is good thing to have, Tommy continues. Länsförsäkringar is a big company and sometimes it takes some time before things move forward or you get the information needed. 

The team see no big differences in Finnish and Swedish working cultures. There might be more meetings, but those always have a pre-planned agenda. 

From a project to projects 

Currently, there’s three different projects. The technologies used are mainly Microsoft’s, such as .NETAccording to Marko and Tommy, the team have some freedom to use different technologies.  

When asked if it seems likely that Länsförsäkringar will require Profit’s services in the future as well, Marko replied, – Yes. And that is why we hope to bring more people onboard. I lived in Stockholm for two years and had good experience. Currently I’m travelling back-and-forth. 

By the way what’s the meaning of “the guys on the second floor” in the headline?  

We work on the second floor! Not just us, but other consultants alsosays Tommy. 


About Länsförsäkringar
The Länsförsäkringar Alliance is unique in the Swedish bank and insurance market. The 23 customer-owned regional insurance companies cooperate, thereby combining the ability of a small company to adapt to its customers with the strength of a large company. 

The team
Profit Software’s consultants are working in Stockholm. The team consists of six consultants who currently work in three different projectsAdditionally, three employees from Profit Software’s Tallinn office and one from the Pori office work oLänsförsäkringar’s projects. 

Want to work in Profit Softwares Länsförsäkringar team?
We are currently looking for consultants to join Profit Software’s Länsförsäkringar team. If you’re ready for new challenges, check our open positions and apply. 

Meanwhile, also read Marko Krappe’s expat story about living in Stockholm for two years. 

What we appreciate 

  • Excellent communication skills with strong social competences 
  • Seeing the big picture, and have the ability to piece the puzzle together 
  • Experience in the financial industry and consultancy 
  • English language skills – and willingness to improve your Swedish! 


*) Länsförsäkringar chooses Profit Software to modernise its pension payment system