“I got good grades in school, but wasn’t sure what I should study. My parents, especially my father encouraged me to study computer science. After I graduated from university I started to work with manual testing and then switched to test automation.


I came to Profit in 2013. I’m working as Test Automation Engineer. To put the story short, my job is to create scripts that perform testing automatically. This speeds up the process of testing dramatically and enables manual testing to be more intelligent. Our work is based on scenarios: how software should behave in different situations. I’m basically the last point after developers and business analysts have done their job.

The best thing in my work is freedom. When I started at Profit, automation tools were under renewal. I was involved in that process and could suggest tools that we should use. Sometimes there’s technical challenges, but I see those only as a benefit.

Tests run usually overnight. When I come to work in the morning I analyze what has happened, is there any real bugs, test problems etc. When this kind of maintenance is done we always have new tests to develop.

My personal opinion is that everyone in this field have to develop themselves. I try to keep myself up to date with things happening in the industry, although the amount of information is really huge. If you rely on your current level, you become less compatible in the market.”

Nikolai Boiko works at Profit Software as Test Automation Engineer