”Originally I planned to work in the army and build a soldier career. But for particular reasons that didn’t happen. I think I’m at this industry not because I would be talented in math or physics but because I’m good in IT.



I started at Profit in August 2015. In the beginning of 2016 I got a chance to be a team leader, this beside my work as Software Testing Engineer. Our team works with automated testing, manual testing, bug fixes etc. To put it simple: my main task is to verify that software is stable. Other part of my work is being a manager. I enjoy it very much. Best thing in my work is the environment we have. I like to talk with people and help others. From technical point the best thing is to get results from the work we do.

I don’t have any routines at work. I do what is needed and that can involve testing tasks, automation tasks, meetings or tasks that are part of my manager work. It took me approx. 6 months to learn the basics of this industry, but I emphasize that there is still lot to learn. Even if this industry changes slowly I think it’s good to develop yourself. I’m for example planning to try microprocessor programming.

I studied at the Tallinn University of Technology and my major was Industrial automation. I recommend to study things that interests you and by that way you’ll probably end up to a situation where you can use this knowledge in your daily life.”

Mart Kiviselg works at Profit Software as Software Test Engineer and Team Manager