A cost-efficient archiving solution for your systems

As part of old systems’ shutdown process, data archiving must be solved. Fulfilling legal archiving requirements by prolonging legacy systems’ lifetime is expensive: licences and maintenance might cost millions of euros per year, archived data is scattered and difficult to find, and necessary business knowledge is missing. Besides, fulfilling GDPR requirements is difficult or even impossible.

Scalable solution for customers’ needs

Arkki speeds up the archiving process by 70-90% compared to a situation where the archiving solution is built entirely from scratch. Our experts and proven tools support you during the implementation process. The solution scales to different needs and handles archiving of larger data sets.


  • Data archived to cloud or on premises archive
  • Fully customized user experience
  • Also suitable for archiving data from active systems
  • GDPR requirements are met
  • Configurable retention times


  • Easy and fast way to solve archiving needs
  • Deployment even in couple of weeks
  • Scalable, no limitations on data volume
  • Fast data searches even on large data sets – saves working time for other tasks
  • System support and user support from one point of contact
  • Can be integrated to other systems

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  • jQuery UI
  • MS SQL Server

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