A cost-efficient archiving solution for your systems

Profit Software’s Arkki archiving system is a solution for archiving data warehouses in old systems. Business and regulatory requirements require organizations to maintain the information contained in the data repositories of legacy information systems even after the operational use of those systems has ended. Arkki also covers the archiving needs of systems still in active use. The solution is mainly delivered as a service (SaaS).

Scalable solution for customers’ needs

Arkki speeds up the archiving process by 70-90% compared to a situation where the archiving solution is built entirely from scratch. Our experts and proven tools support you during the implementation process. The solution scales to different needs and handles archiving of larger data sets.


  • A scalable archiving system that can be used for both systems in active use and for archiving data warehouses in old systems
  • Highly automated creation of archive base
  • Continuous development of new features
  • Safe and cost-efficient method to store information from admitting systems


  • Suitable for archiving large volumes of data
  • Useful in historical database use
  • Quick search for a large amount of data
  • Can be tailored according to customer-specific functionalities

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  • jQuery UI
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