PLP Payments

PLP Payments is a high-performing solution for paying out insurance claims, pensions and premium refunds.

The solution includes crisis management functions, managing incomplete payment data, for example in the form of missing beneficiary or payment receiver details, handling exceptional cases and corrections where the payment or tax card is wrong or back-dated corrections are needed.

PLP Payments is a great asset in answering customer queries or business-related reporting needs relevant to payments.

For whom

PLP Payments is a solution for Nordic insurers. It is designed to handle large transaction masses and it meets the demands of a business and society critical system.

With PLP Payments you are able to manage beneficiaries, tax cards, beneficiaries’ shares, payment receivers and claim reserves throughout the entire pay-out period.

In the Finnish context, PLP Payments is compliant with the occupational pension model. The solution supports managing the pension structure in Finland, its benefits and inter-pension company-related money balancing and reporting processes (TyEL-MEL-VILMA).

Comprehensive set of BI tools and packaged reporting modules can be integrated to the solution.


A fully automated payment process

A key hub for business reporting

Rapid customer service via access to centralized payment data

Wide support for manual corrections and tasks in case of troublesome payments


Digitalization support for payment data and services integration to self-service portals and internal dashboards 

Compliant with EU regulation and regulatory reporting


Key features

  • Powerful solution for managing beneficiaries, payment receivers and related payments
  • Flexible solution to manage payments, even when incomplete data is only available
  • Printouts, taxation, reporting and bookkeeping covered
  • Modern service API’s available for including payment data and services (for example updating bank account number) to self-service portals
  • Comprehensive abilities for manual tasks and corrections in resolving cases needing attention
  • Comprises an inbuilt task management system
  • Offers full audit trail for the entire payment process
  • National incomes register (Finland) and GDPR compliant

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