PLP Savings

PLP Savings is a complete, effective and scalable pension and savings policy administration solution. Policy sales, lifecycle management and claims handling are at the very core with modern abilities to automate, integrate and adapt to customers’ digitalization and omnichannel strategies.

For whom

PLP Savings is a solution for Nordic Life and Pension insurers, based on our almost 30 years of dedicated experience in the insurance business.

It offers flexible insurance product & portfolio development and management capabilities. The solution enables policy sales with extensive support for customers’ sales channels and digitalization needs. Efficient, scalable and automated services assist policy lifecycle and claims handling in daily business operations.


Effective insurance product portfolio management, with short time-to-market

Proven scalable architecture with reliable mainstream technology

Extensive support for product variation and branding for sales channels

Support for insurance products with combined risk and savings covers

Digitalization with extensive capability to integrate self-service portals

Standard interface for seamless integration with other applications and technologies

Key features

  • Individual and group Pensions, Savings and Capital redemption products
  • Unit-linked and base rates fully included
  • Insurance product differentiation with flexible product and portfolio management
  • Product sales channel and variation support with commissions
  • Modern service API’s for self-service and portal integrations
  • Complete policy sales, lifecycle and claims handling capabilities
  • Adaptable business rules, data verification and sales validation capabilities
  • Granular actuarial calculations, itemizations and fee handling

Download whitepaper

Our whitepaper A digital solution for Swedish occupational pension, describes what Tjänstepension is about and how Profit Life & Pension, as a core policy administration system, supports the transition to digitize the customer journey and increases business efficiency through automation.

Download our whitepaper.

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