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Profit Software offers IT solutions and expertise to life & pension insurers, occupational pension providers and non-life insurers. Our decades of experience within insurance technology has given us a broad understanding of insurance products’ lifecycles, regulatory landscape and the business needs faced by today’s insurers. 

Life insurance

Occupational pension

Non-life insurance

Life insurance

The Nordic life insurance market is well established and has a long history. Profit Software is the industry leader in Finland with over 50% market share. Our growing customer base in the Nordics is further evidence of our successful approach.

The Profit Life & Pension product suite provides the foundation on which to base a life insurance business that is compliant will all local regulatory demands. It offers support for established policy sales, lifecycle and claims business processes, which can span over decades. In addition, the solution recognizes the need to allow insurance companies to be able to innovate and differentiate their insurance products and portfolios within the market.

Profit Life & Pension is developed, maintained and verified using state-of-the-art technology and DevOps processes. It is a proven, scalable and high-performing solution.

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Occupational pension (Finland & Sweden)

PLP Payments is a solution for Nordic insurers. It is designed to handle large transaction masses and it meets the demands of a business and society-critical system. The solution is compliant with EU regulation, regulatory reporting and local taxation.

The PLP Payments product is well-suited for the Swedish market. It is very effective for paying out a vast amount of occupational pension and other claim payments as well as managing the related taxation and other business needs.

In the Finnish context, PLP Payments is compliant with the occupational pension model governed by the Finnish Centre of Pensions (Eläketurvakeskus). It handles paying out pensions and claims. Additionally, the solution supports managing the pension structure in Finland, its benefits and inter-pension, company-related money balancing and reporting processes (TyEL-MEL-VILMA).

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Non-life insurance

Our expertise within the non-life insurance market extends to commercial and private business lines. We offer a flexible solution that covers the whole lifecycle, enables insuring all kinds of objects and provides coverage for different types of risks. With the solution insurers are able to manage sales, underwriting and claims.

The solution fits small and medium-sized businesses. Our long-term customers, Finnish insurers Fennia and Pohjantähti, have used Profit Software’s services for 20+ years.

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