Profit Loans & Collaterals

Modern lending solution developed for the Finnish market boosts productivity with digitalized workflows.

Modular solution for lending

Profit Loans & Collaterals is an operational lending management system most suitable for Finnish corporate lending companies and insurers, based on Profit Software’s strong expertise within the insurance and financial sectors.

Our solution is based on different modules which cover the whole loan lifecycle. These modules manage corporate loans and their collateral, including credit decision and credit risk calculations. The modules can be combined and tailored as needed.

The solution created for the needs of our customers

Profit Loans & Collaterals is built on our extensive experience in software development, core banking, loan registry and loan solution projects for banks and insurance companies. Our solution’s architecture supports integrations to other systems by design.

Our solution:

  • Covers the whole lifecycle of lending, credit application, offers, disbursement, invoicing, collateral management and changes
  • Is developed specifically for the needs of Finnish lenders and is fully compliant with regulatory demands and Finland-specific integrations, including MML and Finvoice
  • Provides automated reports for internal and external stakeholders, such as rating agencies
  • Is developed with modern technologies that integrate seamlessly with other systems, such as CRM and reporting

Benefits that save you time

  • Automated and digitalized processes mean your team can concentrate on what matters. No more manual copying of data!
  • Workflow management enables effective financing decision processes and risk management
  • Responsive user interface enables quick and easy credit decisions
  • Modular system that enables further tailoring based on customer-specific needs

We’ve been there before

Profit Software renewed Municipality Finance’s Loans and Collaterals process

Profit Software renewed State Treasury’s collateral management system

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