Profit Software announces a new version of the Profit Life & Pension (PLP) solution.

PLP 5.0 is a next grand step in introducing support for the personal life risk insurance market into the well-established Profit Life & Pension product suite.

PLP is a flexible personal life risk, pension and savings policy administration solution. Policy sales, lifecycle management and claims handling are at the very core of the system with modern abilities to automate, integrate and adapt to customers’ digitalization and omnichannel strategies. Personal life risk domain is a high demand and natural extension to our PLP offering within the life insurance market.

PLP 5.0 highlights:

  • Personal life risk insurance together with pension and savings insurance in a common solution
  • Support for typical personal risk insurance products, e.g. loan insurance, person health and life insurance, work disability insurance and child health insurance
  • Extensive support for sales channel specific product variation and branding
  • Flexible business rules and automated processes
  • Insurances for both person & company clients and loan covers including couples’ risk covers
  • Covers for single claim payments in case of death, critical illness and permanent disability
  • Daily allowance covers for temporary disability and hospitalization
  • Covers for medical expenses
  • Additional digitized and extended self-service functions with REST interfaces
  • Updated taxation rules to savings products, due to changing regulations
  • Finnish national incomes register support for interoperability testing

Supported technical platforms:

  • Application server: JBoss EAP 7.1
  • Database server: IBM Db2 10.5 or 11.1
  • Continuous security, quality and performance improvements

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