Profit Software proudly presents: Enhanced Pre-validation tool for data migrations

Apr 13, 2015 | News

Imagine a situation where a company has hundreds of thousands agreements to convert into a new system. Besides this fact the data should be in right format, it shouldn’t contain errors and conversion should be done within reasonable time. Is it even possible?

Last fall we presented Conversion Engine and Conversion Data Pre-validation tool, Profit Software’s migration tools that are used when converting data into Profit Life&Pension system (PLP). Now we’re even more pleased to inform that Conversion Data Pre-validation tool has been developed further. In the new, improved version there’s graphical user interface, reporting and analyzation improvements. The user interface can be installed to users’ own pc or respectively to a network environment where several users’ have access to it.

-We have run some test validations where over 200k agreements have been validated in 30 minutes with the new Migration UI, tells Site Manager Teppo Eeva, who’s been involved in several migration projects at Profit Software.

Valid data in a right format

Originally the tool was developed since in large migration projects data has been erroneous or in wrong format. Validator checks that the data is in a right format before the actual conversion takes place. It does not have dependencies to PLP so it can be used independently by the team responsible of exporting the conversion source data. This makes it possible to iterate the data corrections very quickly

-When new conversion source files are available, it is possible to compare latest pre-validation report to the previous ones. It helps to identify which problems have been fixed since the last export, and identify possible regression, continues Teppo Eeva.

The User Interface has been developed together with a project team from Tampere University of Technology as a part of their software project course.

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