Tietoviikko has published its yearly report on Finland’s 250 largest ICT companies. It states steady growth within the sector; according to the report, companies on the list were able to grow their revenue approx. by 9,7 %. The minimum revenue limit in order to get onto the list was 8 M euros.

Profit Software was ranked number 126, continuing the trend of improvement from the previous year’s position on the Tivi 250 list (nr. 168, 2018; nr. 190, 2017). The company was also among those having the highest growth (#13), highest profitability (#5) and highest success points (#9). Success points measure how successful the company is compared to its competitors. In the scale between 0-100 Profit Software got 79 points.

Profit Software was also among the grade 10 companies. “10 grade” list is based on Talouselämä’s TE scale that evaluates companies based on return on investment, solvency ratio and gearing. These three factors represent profitability and financial position.

Tietoviikko’s report is based on official financial statements and pre-information that companies have given. Key figures that are used in the report are calculated according to Yritystutkimus society’s recommendations.

More information on Tietoviikko’s website (only in Finnish).