Tietoviikko has published its yearly report on Finland’s 250 largest ICT companies. It states steady growth within the sector; according to the report, companies on the list were able to grow their revenue approximately by 4 % meaning 2 billion in euros. The minimum revenue limit in order to get onto the list was 9,3 M euros.

Profit Software was ranked number 135 (last year: #126). The company was also among those having the highest profitability (#12). Success points measure how successful the company is compared to its competitors. In the scale between 0-100 Profit Software got 74 points.

Tietoviikko’s report is based on official financial statements and pre-information that companies have given. Key figures that are used in the report are calculated according to Yritystutkimus society’s recommendations.

More information on Tietoviikko’s website (only in Finnish).