Data Platform Services

We have a long history of working with business data and we have gained a strong understanding of the business value of data and the expertise effective data management requires.

We have tens of business-critical data solutions under our responsibility, whether it’s developed by us, someone else, or it runs on the cloud or on-premise.

Running the Data Platform

Our services cover everything that is needed to effectively run the data platform.

We take care of such issues as performance, stability, backups, and you can concentrate on using the data for your business. Our organization, processes and expertise are here to secure your day-to-day data operations, whether it’s supporting your business-critical data assets or developing new innovative data solutions.

Cloud Data Platform Services

The Cloud is today’s superior choice for new data platforms. It offers scalability and flexibility with an unbeatable cost/quality ratio. Our data platforms expertise covers the required technologies to implement and run data solutions in the cloud, whether you choose to run it on Azure, AWS, or Google.

On-premises Data Platform Services

In many situations an on-premises Data Platform is still the best choice. If on-premises is your choice, our Data Platform Services are here to help you.

Service Desk

The focal point within the Service is our Service Desk which is responsible for the day-to-day operations of your Data Platform and forms a single point of contact (SPOC) for you.

We offer services for production support, application management and platform services. Our dedicated Service Desk operates utilizing ITIL-based service processes, with some customer-specific flavours, to solve raised issues. Supported by our multi-tier support organization, they enable your business to run smoothly.


  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC)
  • Local specialists who “speak your language”
  • Guaranteed SLA with Monitored Service Levels
  • Extensive service times covering all business days
  • Flexibility for occasional ad hoc needs

Our Service Desk team is here for you: Instead of just reacting to challenges, our best specialists are proactively working to take your business to the next level.

Contact information

Rami Rinneheimo

Rami Rinneheimo

SVP Business Intelligence & Analytics

Jyrki Laavola

Jyrki Laavola

Service Manager