SaaS Offering

Software as a Service offers simplicity and convenience. It offers new opportunities and benefits when modernizing your business. SaaS is much more than plainly outsourcing the solution and its operations. It is about building and maintaining trust to deliver and operate solutions seamlessly, as a part of your IT landscape.

Benefits of SaaS

  • Solution and service hosting from a single vendor
  • Always up-to-date with the latest regulatory requirements
  • Flexible and cost-efficient resource scalability
  • Industry top experts from a local vendor

The following three solutions from our software offering are currently available as services. Click to learn more.

Complete SaaS solution containing:

Components of our SaaS service

Our following software solutions are available as services:

Profit Life & Pension

Profit Life & Pension is a policy administration system covering the whole business process including product management, sales, lifecycle services and claims management. The platform includes all needed services, tools and mandatory system integrations to effectively run the daily business and fulfil regulatory demands.

Profit Loans & Collaterals

Enabling the most efficient corporate lending processes in the Nordics, Profit Loans & Collaterals improves productivity with automation and real-time information. The microarchitecture solution is based on modern technologies and APIs, making integrations straightforward.

Mortgage Bank Manager

Profit Software’s automated covered bond pooling solution, Mortgage Bank Manager, provides all the core functionalities needed for running a mortgage bank business and issuing bonds, also including reporting to authorities and credit rating agencies.

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