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At Profit Software, we understand it takes more to run a life insurance business, than simply investing in an IT solution. We are in for the long haul and want to be seen as a local and trusted partner, with whom an insurance company can set a solid foundation and build a solid business. Our services further extend the core product offering.

Deployment & Integrations


Service operations

Deployment & Integration services

Profit Software’s efficient and risk-minimizing deployment process relies on agile principles – especially continuous integration, intensive automated testing and incremental deliveries. Continuous testing and delivery, automation and fast feedback (by using necessary tools such as Gitlab, Maven, Jenkins, Docker and Robot Framework) are integral to our everyday work. The process identifies and eliminates risks in the early phases of the project and provides flexibility.

Our configurable solutions meet customer needs and cover everything from data warehouses, self-service interfaces and service channel integrations to external application integrations. Many aspects of system functionality can be controlled through parameters, meaning that our solutions can be deployed quickly and cost effectively.

We have strong capabilities and know-how within the field and we can support versatile insurance products. Our extensive experience from hundreds of projects has taught us how to build insurance solutions that integrate smoothly and cost-effectively into insurance companies’ IT infrastructure.

The key to success is close co-operation with our customers. For every project, we build a mutual understanding of our customer’s business needs and IT landscape and how the Profit Life & Pension system meets that need. We also have extensive knowledge of local regulatory demands. Our iterative working method enables transparency and engages the customer throughout the project.

Data migrations

Profit Software has years of experience managing numerous data migration projects with our productized set of tools. By common workshops and understanding customers’ needs, source systems and data, we can guarantee a successful migration.

Our focus is quality and customization – we provide suitable migration tools, data processing, verifying and patching. All data migrations undergo thorough testing and preparations to secure a stable production migration.


Profit Software’s migration tools are optimized for high data quality and fast production migrations.

Migration tools are easy to customize.

Extensive set of source data validations makes it easy to find and correct data anomalies.

Migration process supports full audit trail and reconciliation of the migrated data.

Service operations & Hosting

Profit Software offers services for production support, application management and platform services. Depending on customer needs, we can serve the complete package or selected parts of it.

Production support includes services such as incident handling, service requests and small development issues. We also provide reporting, training, support and HelpDesk services.

Product and application management is a multidimensional discipline, which includes Profit Life & Pension product support, operative production along with its maintenance and monitoring external interfaces. We provide services such as production management, installations and preventive maintenance activities.

Platform services enable you to manage production and test environments, databases and host SaaS or cloud environments. We have years of experience hosting cloud environments and the proven capability to successfully operate service production.

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