PLP Claim Outpayment Manager

Pension insurance companies are facing an increasing number of pension payments and new regulations such as GDPR. Customers are demanding better self-services for planning their pensions, viewing their transactions, or changing their bank accounts. PLP COM is a modern system which addresses this and many other requirements.
“We chose Profit Software after a careful evaluation of possible suppliers. They have knowledge of life insurance, a good product and showed commitment throughout the project. We can now state that both the outpayment system and our cooperation are working extremely well.”
Susanna Malmsten

Head of Development, Länsförsäkringar Fondliv AB


Based on fully automatic processes

Flexible beneficiary and payment receiver handling

Comprises an inbuilt task management system

Offers full audit trail for the entire money process

PLP Claim Outpayment Manager is designed to pay out claims, pensions and premium refunds and manage claim beneficiaries. The outpayment process is fully automatic from importing the claim and payment order data from policy management systems, to paying out the net money to the client or into another policy.

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