Profit Software is sponsoring Finnish golf professional Jenna Mäihäniemi during the coming golf season. Jenna has been a pro golfer since 2016 and part of the Finnish national team between 2012 and 2016.

Finnish pro-golfer

Jenna Mäihäniemi, Age: 22, Club: SHG, Suur-Helsingin Golf

— I started golf 13 years ago. After taking my baccalaureate and winning Finnish Golf Championships couple of times I decided it was time to take the next step and be a pro golfer, tells Jenna.

During 2018 Jenna attends to LET Access Tour, to few competitions in European Tour and to Major tournaments’ qualifications.

Profit Software is Jenna’s main sponsor and our logo is going to be seen from golf clothes to golf bag.

— Supporting young, promising top athlete sits well together with our values and we’re very happy to support Jenna with her professional career, states Head of Sales & Marketing Pekka Korpi.