summer trainees

Rikhard, Lauri and Valeri

What do you get when you mix together three students studying finance and/or IT, an interesting project topic, some modern working tools and an unlimited smoothie supply? That is something I am interested in finding out this summer, while observing the progress and results related to one of Profit Software’s several summer trainee projects.

During the first weeks of May, 10 summer trainees started a summer-long journey with Profit Software to contribute into the implementation of four different projects. One of these projects was to be carried out for our business intelligence unit. The goal for this project was to find solutions for supplementary services of a currently much discussed topic, namely the equity savings account. Three of our summer trainees, Lauri, Rikhard and Valeri, took this issue to tackle. Lauri has studied computer sciences in Aalto University for two years, Valeri has just completed his first year of masters studies in finance in Lappeenranta University of Technology and Rikhard has two years behind him in Hanken Business School.

Already now after 1,5 months with Profit Software, the three have come up with plans for possible solutions for their project and an action plan concerning how to proceed. On the way to this point, the team has learned a great deal about project management and about the importance of good communication, not forgetting about learning how to utilize many tools necessary for the implementation of the project.


Expectations vs. Reality

When asked to recall how they ended up applying for positions in Profit Software’s summer trainee team, all three trainees mention the opportunity of getting to work with and learn about analytics. Rikhard says he was interested in the idea of getting to apply his knowledge in finance on an IT project. Valeri adds that one of this summer’s greatest opportunities is getting to work in a company with insight into so many different fields of business including financial IT and consulting. Lauri started his journey with Profit Software already last summer and then learned about many essential working life skills, such as communication in an international team. He now expects to gain more of such expertise.

I believe that it can be concluded that expectations for the summer have been and still are high among the BI summer trainee team members and based on what I have heard and seen, expectations have also been met. The team has enjoyed quite free hands in project management, but have also had the possibility of discussing and analyzing their ideas with many experts of different fields. Their work is seen as of high value and the team has gotten the opportunity of presenting their output to possible clients.

The road to meeting the expectations mentioned above can probably be best discussed by introducing a typical day of a business intelligence trainee:

7.00-9.00 – The trainees arrive to work and enjoy their morning coffee and/or smoothie, while doing some research on the concept of equity savings accounts.

9.30 – A weekly summer trainee demonstration meeting, where all trainees get to share and demonstrate what they have learned during the past week to other trainees and all interested personnel.

11.00 – The trainees meet up to decide where to enjoy lunch in case this has not already been discussed adjacent to morning coffee. The discussion is followed by what other than lunch.

12.00 – Education and research on the equity savings account and tools necessary for the project, such as Python, Azure, Chatbot Framework or PowerBI. This is done through meetings or by designing and working on small side projects, such as developing a lunch bot, which tells you about the lunch opportunities in your area.

14.00 – Ice cream / smoothie / coffee / cake time! During this time almost everyone at the office gathers together to discuss current topics in and outside of work. If you are lucky, you will leave with new insight into your work, a new recipe for a summer delicacy, summer activity tips and a guaranteed smile.

14.30 – The business intelligence trainees carry out a Scrum meet to discuss what they have accomplished during the day and plan next steps of the project.

18.00 – On a good day, all the trainees meet up for afterwork, which can consist of going to the movies, enjoying the summer in Helsinki accompanied by good food and drinks or much fun at a golf range.


As it is said and you all know, repetition is the key to success. Hopefully by repeating days like this for the whole of the four month trainee program, we will have compelling results to share with you in August.

Interested? Stay tuned in to learn more about the summer trainees and what they have learned and accomplished during the summer!

Emmaleena Ahonen


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