Tietoviikko has published its yearly report of Finland’s 250 biggest information and communications technology companies.

This time Tietoviikko has examined how Tivi 250 companies’ revenue has changed during the past 10 years in Finland. Biggest growth has been in Oulu, Helsinki and Espoo. Report supports this fact: minimum revenue limit in order to get into the list was 7,9M euros.

Profit Software Ltd bought Finnish Evolvit Ltd last year. Official incorporation came into force in the beginning of year 2018. Due to this fact companies can be found separately from the list. Profit Software’s ranking was 167 and it is the fourth profitable company on the list.

-Last year’s acquisition has brought us even more competitivity and this can be hopefully seen in next year’s report, tells Profit Software’s CEO Ilkka Starck.

Tietoviikko’s report is based on official financial statements and pre-information that companies have given. Key figures that are used in the report are calculated according to Yritystutkimus society’s recommendations.