Whistleblowing – A way to make sure we do it right

At Profit Software, we want to make sure that we are working and behaving in a way that promotes our values and principles. If any unbecoming conduct is being carried out by company employees or company associates, we want to know about it and to act on it.

Profit Software employees are encouraged to voice any concerns relating to potential violations of the Employee Personnel Guide, any other Profit Software policies and instructions. At Profit Software, we take all concerns seriously and all reported cases of possible misconduct will be investigated. Profit Software employees are encouraged to report possible misconduct to their line manager or directly to HR. In the event that an employee feels more comfortable voicing concerns about topics concerning dishonesty, corruption, illegal dealings, unethical conduct, a danger to the public or the financial system, harassment, discrimination, victimisation or bullying anonymously, the whistleblowing channel may be utilised. Employees who report any possible misconduct in good faith will not suffer any kind of retaliation or unfavourable employment consequences.

Aside from employees, contractors (including sub-contractors and employees of contractors), suppliers (including employees of suppliers), consultants, auditors, associates and relatives, dependents, spouses, or dependents of a spouse of any of the titles mentioned may use the whistleblowing channel to report possible misconduct.

It is worth noting that the whistleblowing channel is not meant for feedback or interpersonal conflicts. These may be discussed directly with line managers, HR or company contact persons.

Our whistleblowing channel can be found here: https://www.firstwhistle.fi/profitsoftware.