Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy contains information on how Profit Software (Business ID: 0899369-2) processes and stores personal data related to customer and marketing communication.


Profit Software Oy (Business ID: 0899369-2)

Bertel Jungin aukio 7 B

02600 Espoo

Person responsible for registration matters

Privacy Officer: Harri Inkinen


Name of register

Register of Profit Software Oy’s customer and marketing communication as well as job seekers register.

Purpose and legal basis of the processing of personal data

The purpose of the processing of personal data is the recruitment of new employees, customer service and customer relationship management, as well as communication. In addition, the information will be used to sell, market, implement and develop Profit Software’s services and events.

Personal information is collected in connection with the management and administration of customer relationships. Personal data is also collected from the registrants themselves (for example, when subscribing to a newsletter, visiting a website or entering data into a recruitment system)

The recruitment system also collects personal information about potential employees from third parties, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, or other public sources, with the expressed consent of the potential employees to either a third party or Profit Software. This is called information retrieval for potential job seekers and can be done by our employees manually or by our services automatically.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is primarily a legitimate interest, contract, consent or statutory obligation of the registrar.

A legitimate interest relates to situations where there is a link between the registrant and the registrar. For example, the processing of information related to the management of customer relationships and partnerships.

Consent applies to situations where the registrant has given consent to the processing of data, for example by subscribing to our newsletter or filling in their information in the recruitment system.

Consent will also be sought if the Profit Software employee has made a recommendation and reported the registrant as a potential job seeker. The potential employee will always be informed of such processing.

What information Profit Software collects

The register contains information on the following groups of registrants:

  • Registrar’s customers, customer’s representatives and contact persons
  • Representatives and contact persons of the registrar ‘s subcontractors and suppliers
  • Potential customers
  • Job seekers
  • Persons belonging to other stakeholders

Data to be collected from registrants to the extent necessary for each use:

Customer and marketing communications register:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Name of the organization with contact information
  • Country
  • Position and contact details of the person
  • Other information provided by the person (such as newsletter subscriptions, registrations and participation in events)
  • IP address

Jobseeker register:

  • First and last name
  • Contact information
  • Current employer
  • Study and work history
  • Skills and professional competences
  • Job application, resume, and other attachments provided by the job seeker
  • Public information on LinkedIn and Facebook profile
  • Information on the status of the recruitment process
  • Communication during the recruitment process
  • Indications of suitability for the job by those involved in the recruitment process

Transfer or disclosure of personal data

Profit Software does not, in principle, disclose the personal data of registrants to third parties, except in situations where the authorities exercise their rights of access to information provided by law.

Profit Software may also use trusted service providers for the technical implementation of its services, which process personal data on behalf of the registrar.

Transfer of personal data to a third country

In principle, personal data will not be transferred outside the Member States of the European Union or the European Economic Area. However, if the processing of personal data so requires, the transfer will be carried out in accordance with the applicable privacy policy legislation.

Data storage and protection

We will only process personal information for as long as we have a statutory right or obligation to process personal information and are necessary to fulfill the purposes described above.

The retention of personal information is subject to regular review and we will remove any information that is out of date or no longer required.

Personal information is kept technically secure. Access to the register is restricted to those who need information in the course of their work. Personal information is processed on systems under the control of Profit Software or its partners. We have ensured that all partners involved in the processing of personal information comply with this Privacy Policy, applicable privacy policy laws and regulatory requirements.

Rights of registered persons

Profit Software will take care of the proper exercise of the registered rights. The registered person has the following rights:

  • Right of access to personal data. The registrant may request confirmation from Profit Software that Profit Software is processing the data of the registrant and request that the stored personal data be reviewed.
  • Right to request rectification, erasure or restriction of processing. The registrant has the right to request the rectification or erasure of inaccurate data concerning him.
  • Right to restrict the processing of personal data. The registrant has the right, in certain specified situations, to request a restriction on the processing of data concerning him.
  • The right to object to the processing of data. The registrant has the right to object to the processing of their personal data where it is based on a legitimate interest of the registrar.
  • To revoke a previously given consent. If the processing has been based on consent, the registrants may withdraw their prior consent at any time.
  • Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authorities. The registrant may lodge a complaint against the processing of their personal data with the supervisory authority, which is the Office of the Privacy Officer. The contact details of the Privacy Officer can be found at

The registrant may exercise these rights by contacting the address mentioned above in this privacy policy.

Use of cookies

Profit Software uses cookies on its website. These are small data files that are transferred to your computer when you contact a website.  We use cookies to process and analyse information related to the use of the website. The information collected by cookies is used to monitor the use of the websites, improve usability and develop the website to better meet the needs of the users. Cookies do not harm the user’s computer or web browser.

We have divided the cookies used on our website into essential cookies and third-party cookies according to their purpose.

Necessary cookies are needed to ensure the functionality of the services. Thanks to these, the site remembers the choices you make, and you don’t have to do them again with every page upload.

Third-party cookies are used on the website for user analytics. Among the third-party cookies, Profit Software uses Google Analytics, Linkedin Insight, Leadfeeder and Myfonts cookies.

The key data collected by analytics cookies are:

  • Used browser
  • IP address
  • The geographical location of the user
  • Date of visit
  • The site from which the page was accessed
  • Pages visited

However, when visiting the website, the user may prevent or restrict the use of cookies on our website. You can also withdraw your consent to cookies at any time by visiting our website and blocking the use of cookies from the cookie banner. However, cookie settings are browser-specific, so selections must be made separately for each browser you use.

We reserve the right to update our cookie policies, for example, due to service developments or mandatory legislation.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Profit Software reserves the right to change this privacy policy. This Privacy Policy was updated in December 2021.